Spices complex on NCDEX ended on a positive note on Friday. Coriander and jeera futures gained on firm demand, while expectation of rise in festival demand lifted turmeric futures. According to the Spices Board, India exported 463650 tons of spices during Apr-Jul 2022 compared to 550680 tons exported during the same time period a year ago. Export of jeera stood at 67057 tons, down by 37 per cent, while that of coriander is seen at 15020, down by 16 per cent. In the meantime, turmeric, small cardamom and pepper rose by 18, 24 and 11 per cent respectively. Small cardamom export stood at 3289 tons, while that of turmeric and pepper was 62246 and 8396 tons respectively. As per Andhra Pradesh agricultural department, as on 07th September 2022 Turmeric sowing activity completed around 14,540 hectares as compared to last year same period 14,185 hectares, up by 2.50% till date. Production of spices in India is likely to have declined 1.5% on year to 10.9 mln tn in 2021-22 (Jul-Jun), according to data from Spices Board India. The country had produced 11.0 mln tn of spices in the previous year. Among the complex, a major rise in production was pegged in turmeric. The board has pegged turmeric production at 1.33 mln tn, up 18.4% on year. Jeera production was seen at 725,651 tn, down 8.8% on year due to lower acreage in Rajasthan and Gujarat, the key producer. Production of chilli, counted as one of the largest exported and produced spices in the country, is projected at 1.9 mln tn, compared with 2.0 mln tn a year ago. Production of pepper is seen at 60,000 tn, down 7.7% on year, while the output of small cardamom is seen rising by 3.6% on year to 23,340 tn, data showed. According to fourth advanced estimates by Gujarat government, jeera production is seen fall by 44.5 per cent to 221500 tonnes in 2021-22 on yoy basis, while that of coriander is seen at 208090 tonnes, down by 5.9 per cent during the same time period. Govt. sees spices output in 2021-22 at 10.9 million tonnes vs 10.8 million tonnes. The export of spices from India during 2021-22 declined nearly 13 per cent on year to 1,531,154 ton, according to data from the Spices Board India. In terms of value, exports dipped by about 1.25 per cent to 3,057,644.24 rupees. Export of chilli, turmeric, jeera, coriander, fenugreek declined, while that of pepper, cardamom, ginger and fennel rose.