India’s exports of C-heavy molasses are likely to fall sharply in 2021-22 (Oct-Sep) with Uttar Pradesh, the country’s second-largest producer of sugarcane, banning the sale of molasses to ensure it is available for manufacture of ethanol. New crop of coriander has started trickling into the key spot market of Ramganj, Rajasthan, in last few days. The quality is inferior due to high moisture content, traders told Informist. The outbreak of avian influenza at a farm in Thane, Maharashtra, where about 25,000 birds are likely to be culled in the next few days, will not have any major impact on the poultry sector as it is a seasonal flu, an industry official said. The Centre procured 69.1 mln tn paddy as of Thursday in 2021-22 (Oct-Sep) kharif marketing season, according to an official release. The water level in the 140 key reservoirs across the country was at 104.296 bcm as of yesterday, 59% of the total storage capacity, according to data from the Central Water Commission. The average retail price of onion in 2021-22 has declined 22.4% on year due to calibrated and targeted release of onions from the buffer in the markets. Currently, allIndia average retail price of the commodity is quoted at 35.3 rupees per kg, the government said in a release. Arrivals of the late kharif crop is steady in the key markets and are expected to continue till the rabi crop hits the market from March, the release said. The Centre along with the governments of Karnataka and Odisha have signed a loan agreement of $115 mln with the World Bank to boost the agricultural sector, the finance ministry said today in a release.